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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. These benefits don’t come without potential costs. The guidelines in this article suggest ways to capture the benefits of humor while avoiding the downside risks.

Visitors see a 404 page when they try to access non-existing page. While the reason of showing 404 may vary—maybe the link the user used to navigate was broken, or the user mistyped a URL—the experience they have on 404 will impact their overall experience. The about page is one of the most important pages on your website.

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For some of them, mascots became a natural part of brand identity—when people hear the name of a brand, they picture a mascot in their heads. It makes the experience of using your product more memorable.

It’s where visitors go to find out more about a company and its culture. Even though this page is extremely valuable for your visitors, it all too often looks way too generic—necessary information about a company paired with images of people who work in it. When people visit such pages, they usually forget them as soon as close the browser’s tab. Designers often use mascots as a tool for personification. Many world-famous brands use mascots to bake a personality into their brand identity.

Great 404 pages not only reduce the user’s frustration of not finding what they are looking for, but also makes them smile. Below, Airbnb’s 404 page uses an animated illustration to humanize the problem. The 404 error page is another page that most websites have.

  • As with anything, there is no simple formula for injecting humor into your design.
  • Each product is different and requires its own approach.
  • It’s possible to increase the likelihood of this by introducing humor and delight.

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When you press the save button, the system shows a loading spinner, before displaying a system error message with the text “Uh-oh, the app crashed, and we don’t have any idea why. Your work is gone forever, oops.” This message will most probably make you angry. It can bring delight when used appropriately, but it can cause a lot of harm when it’s Winrar implemented without tact and foresight. It’s vital to consider both micro- and macrocopy when working on a product.

Below are examples of how microcopy can create a better user experience. Words form the backbone of communication in digital products, which is why writing copy should be a vital part of the product design process. When product creators invest in UX writings, the product becomes not only more useful, but also more pleasurable. Good 404 page communicates why a particular page can’t be loaded and what users can do next.

Humor isn’t something that is easily transferable to other cultures. If you have an international presence make sure you localize the humor to the relevant country. Imagine a situation when you work on a document for a few hours and finally decide to save it.