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What does the Windows 10 total identified Windows installations 0 message mean? Actually this error message is to tell you that bootrec couldn’t find any additional installations of Windows on your computer to add to the BCD. You will just need to run a few more commands to repair the BCD. However, some users get into trouble during the process. When they type the command bootrec /scanos or bootrec /rebuildbcd and hit Enter key, the “total identified Windows installations 0” error message emerges unexpectedly. If the above repair utility could not fix the issue, you may want to rebuild bcd Windows 10 using the Bootrec.exe tool available for you.

You will also find a copy of this file in the Windows Side-by-Side directory hierarchy. That boot loader accesses the EFI partition on the default or designated boot drive, and uses the BCD information to start booting the OS so it can take over control of the PC.

Don’t use any of these tools without making a complete image backup of all drives with BCD partitions on them, along with building a rescue disk from which to boot should the boot drive quit working. That way, worst case, you can always boot to the rescue disk and use it to restore the image backup (with the old, presumably working BCD partition) and restore the system to operational status. In fact, BCD is best understood as a firmware-independent database for boot-time configuration data. The BCD information resides in a data file named bootmgfw.efi in the EFI partition in the \EFI\Microsoft\Boot folder.

  • To disable a live tile’s animation, right-click the tile and select Turn live tile off.
  • Some applications downloaded from the Windows Store also include live tile functionality.
  • All of these settings are applied immediately, so click the Start Menu to see what they do and set it up just how you like it.
  • By default, the Start Menu and taskbar are translucent black.

What this tool does is rebuild your boot files so that they are not corrupted and your PC can boot-up. Not only is it easy to use but it is built keeping in mind that not every person using electronic devices is tech-savvy’ so anyone can use it. Step 1 – Use the Windows 10 bootable USB drive or a DVD and change the BIOS boot order accordingly and restart the PC.

You are going to use the bootrec.exe tool to repair the corrupt MBR. Bootrec has a range of commands designed to recover the boot process from issues and is already on your Windows 10 system as part of the base installation. Anybody who’s worked with the Registry knows that mistakes or errors can cause horrible problems, including total system failure. Working with BCD is the only aspect of Windows administration that is even more dangerous than working with the Registry. That’s because errors inevitably cause boot failures.

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In the world of the Windows OS, BCD stands for Boot Configuration Data. This critical information in the Windows runtime environment tells the Windows boot loader where to look for boot information. It also establishes boot priority and timing when, as is typically the case, a PC can access two or more bootable partitions as it’s starting up. For example, a default Windows OS clean install actually writes two bootable partitions to the drive that’s designated as the install target. The primary and most frequently used of these partitions is the operating system partition. But a secondary, recovery partition also gets written and may be accessed at boot time to support repair and recovery. This produces a disk layout like the one shown in Figure 1.

Once on the windows set up a page, select the required language from options, and click on "Next" to take you to the installation page. If you don’t have a Windows 7/8/10 installation disc, you might have to create a WinPE bootable media with a normal PC to boot your computer from it, then repair EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD error in Windows 7/8/10. The best free disk partitioning software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is recommended. The freeware is capable of managing disk partition such as resize partition, merge partitions, format/split/move partition, rebuild MBR, migrate OS to SSD, etc. According to the words, you may have a general idea of the error. Boot Configuration Data is stored in a data file, which is located at \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD on the EFI system partition for UEFI boot or located at /boot/bcd on the active partition for traditional BIOS boot. When I encounter these errors, I sometimes find that some of the bootrec commands listed here fail when run from a usb boot drive.