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How The Norwegian Russ Are Making Money

How The Norwegian Russ Are Making Money

Those who are new to Norwegian tradition may have noticed some bizarre sights happening in late Spring, mostly on 17th May. Teenagers are wearing strange and visually appalling clothes, party busses cruising the roads, and playing loud music while consuming large amounts of alcohol.

However, there is no need to feel worried because all these events are part of Norway’s annual celebration for high school graduates or russefeiring.

But how can these kids afford nearly a month-long celebration followed by expensive cars, busses, food, costumes, and liquor?

Well, we come to another part of Norwegian tradition called dugnad russ, or in plain English fundraising. This article will explain how teenagers and graduate student in Norway come up with different ideas to fundraise money and organize a spectacular celebration right before exams.

The history of Russ

It all dates back to 1905 when red caps were used as a sign of acceptance into the system of higher education. The students were inspired by German students who, in 1904, wore red hats when they came to Norway.
A couple of years ahead, in 1916, students of economics started wearing blue caps as a sign of recognition from the ordinary graduates. Later on, these events gradually extended, more colors were added, while caps were saved for the final day of celebration.

Also, students from vocational courses were allowed to participate in the celebration, while in the last couple of decades, this became an overall celebration of all graduate, high school students.

Russ bus

Back in the 70s, there was a tradition of buying an old van or a bus. Students used to paint the vehicles in the same colors as the russebukse, which became a tradition to this day.

They are now mobile parting units, and teenagers use this space to listen to music, have fun, and enjoy booze.

Additionally, over the years, this became a serious partying business. These vehicles now feature strong lights and speakers, so they are practically nightclubs on wheels. On the other hand, students aren’t driving busses or vans; instead, they have to hire a sober driver.

Since all these activities are costly, groups of students gather around and discuss how they are going to afford everything. One of the easiest ways is to apply for sponsorships, which logos will appear on the buses, while others create high-school newspapers, which are mostly satirical.

How they come up with the money?

Well, Norwegian students are quite resourceful when it comes to money. They are organizing various fundraising events to attract potential sponsors.

Also, many of them are selling toilet paper, greeting cards, firelighters, socks, and other products, to gather enough money to cover the costs.

More often than not, friends and family members participate in such activities to help students rent or buy a bus and pay for costumes, and drinks. On the other hand, some of the students even save for years and prepare in advance to be able to afford this celebration.

What is the Standard Size of a Crib Mattress?

When we think about the baby’s nursery, all that comes in mind or we envision is how to color the walls, design a stylish crib, and include a rocking chair or glider in it. Although the term Crib makes a big statement in the overall makeup of the room, we should not forget that the mattress is going to be the only place the baby is going to spend most of their time while in the nursery. This means that the bed has a significant impact on the comfortability and safety of the baby. Here are some pointers on the suitable Standard Size of a Crib mattress that yiu should consider.

  1. Standard baby Crib and Crib mattress size

The government decides the safest baby Crib sizes, as well as the mattress size. Information coming from the Consumer Products Safety Commission requires that a baby nursery should have a mattress of width and length of 27 and 51 inches, respectively. The maximum thickness of this mattress should be 6 inches.

  1. Features to look for in a suitable mattress size
  2. It has to fit well in the crib- A Crib mattress has to fit either very or moderately snug in the crib. The Size of the bed should have a lot of space. A small mattress in a Crib is not a good idea because it serves as suffocation and an entrapment hazard for the little ones.
  3. It has to be firm- A Standard Crib mattress Size should give one a firm mattress. When the bed is soft or has a smooth surface, it poses a suffocation threat and increases the risk of the baby suffering from sudden infant death syndrome. Exert pressure at the center and edges of the mattress to test for firmness. A firm mattress should snap back immediately you release the stress.

In summary, the government gives the suitable Size of a Crib mattress, so it is not difficult to find one even to the shops around your area. However, you will have to consider other factors such as firmness and breathability for the safety of your little one. With the above little knowledge, you can find a functional Crib mattress in the right size. Click here for top Crib mattresses go to My Sleep Bot

5 Ways to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is one of the conditions that face a lot of people around the globe. The pain is usually endless and may prevent you from performing your daily duties in the right way. Back pain is generally caused by mainly sleeping on your stomach at night. It is mostly affected by sleeping position or doing a lot of bedding while you are on your duty. If you are facing back pain and are wondering what to do so that you may get to your regular health status and work efficiently, do some of the following, and you will be right with no time.

  • Do more exercise

Physical activity is one of the best ways to relax both your joints and muscles if you are looking for a way to relieve off your pain, do exercise regularly. This will improve your blood circulation, thereby relieving the back pain.

  • Change your sleeping position.

On of the vast way to relieve your pain is by working on the cause of the pain. Sleeping on your body is one of the main causes. It changes the sleeping position and gets one of the best pillows to help you sleep well. Also get the best matrices for comfort. Check out top products at

  • Work on your diet

At this point, you need to eat a healthy diet and use the vegetables to improve your immune response. This will relieve the pain in your back as you will have something to fight against the pain. Avoid eating red meat at this point.

  • Do a lot of walking

Since the spine is the problem, you generally need to make a lot of movements to ensure that it relieves the pain. Consider walking early in the morning when you have the energy, which will alleviate the pain quickly.

  • Visit a doctor for medication.

If you have worked on vast of the above and have not found a solution, you need to visit your doctor for medication. The doctor needs to check your spinal if it has any problem so that you don’t do exercise as you will worsen the situation.

Final thought

Follow the above ways to relieve the pain on your back easily. You need to stay healthy and in good condition to perform your duties in the right manner. Ensure you have one of the best mattresses so that you develop back pain now and then.

What Is The Most Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

What Is The Most Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

Many people in the world today struggle living with contacts and eyeglasses, in case you are one of the laser eye surgery is the best option for you.

However, identifying the best procedure is the best; hence this article will take you through the most advanced options for you to be able to choose which one is good for you. There are three most advanced laser eye surgery options.


It is viewed to be the first cohort of laser correction, and this option treats astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness during this process, the cornea is peeled off with a physical device. Your specialist then uses an excimer laser to shape the fundamental tissue and accurate your vision.


This method favors patients with irregular and thin corneas, patients whose specializations centers around taking direct contacts to the eyes e.g., the boxers. PKK has its shortcomings e.g., long recovery periods amongst the three laser eye correction methods and also involves irritation and discomfort.

Lasik/ prk

Lasik treats moderate astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. During the surgery process, there is a slight flap in the corneal tissue, and then it is bent back, an excimer laser is used for reshaping cornea tissue for efficient vision correction.

This method favors patients with adequate thick cornea.

LASIK is a safe, effective, and trusted procedure except for flap related complications, which are naturally rare. diamond vision new york are known professionals in this method.

Smile/Relex laser eye surgery.


This procedure involves no flap creation, instead of your surgeon femtosecond laser and creates a small opening, then a thin layer of tissue in the cornea is detached using the same laser then the specialist eliminates the thin layer of the tissue through a small cut and the procedure is done. Its advantages include its odorless, blade-free and quiet, no connected flap problems


In all health concerns first, you consult your surgeon for a comprehensive eye exam; thus, through the assistance of your surgeon, you will be able to identify which method is best for you.

Are Kipping Pull Ups Effective

Are Kipping Pull Ups Effective

If you’ve ever love exercising then you’ve probably tried or heard about Kipping Pull-Ups. However, the exercises remain one of the most controversial types of exercises you can think of. The extreme nature of the exercise routines makes it ideal for those with experience but even then, it can easily cause injury if not done correctly. A Kipping process requires you to push yourself upwards to get your chins to reach above the bar.

The technique requires that you use more upper body strength but the lower body has to coordinate with the upper body to complete the process.


Kipping Pull-Ups can be as effective as other types of exercises but only if done well. You need to learn how to control your body to avoid long pauses in between push-ups. You need enough shoulder reflex to ensure a smooth transition between the upper pushes and the lower ones.


You also need to master the extent of your mobility. The effectiveness can be considered to be minimal when compared to other types of exercises but it is still there. You’ll be able to get more muscles on your upper body. You can go to to find out more information about the effectiveness of the exercise.

It’s important to note that Kipping shouldn’t replace other exercises that aid in building up to push up strength. It is most appropriate for CrossFit athletes who compete.

It will help you get more reps continuously and faster and your upper body will not be as fatigued.


Like every other exercise, Kipping requires that you maintain consistency and persistence. However, you should start slow and listen to your body, taking care to stop when you feel pain.


You should also start with lower bars and increase the height as you progress with the exercise. You’ll be able to get more from Kipping if you use it to complete a set. The fact that your muscles will already be tired will lead to more muscle building. Remember that the effectiveness will also differ with every person and your effort in the exercise routines.

What Are Some Fun Halloween Games


It is that time of the year again, and you want kids and adults to have as much fun as possible. What are the fun games you would set up? Here are the top 5 options:

Best Halloween games for kids

If you’re inclined to thrilling your kids, these could be the best party ideas for halloween

Halloween Eyeball Slime



Create your slime mix consisting of some of the non-toxic slippery stuff in your home, such as Okra vegetables, and put them in a bowl. Add two googly eyes and let your kids muck around with it. You can opt for commercial slime as well but always think outside the box.


This mystery game entails filling plastic cups with small trinkets, covering them with orange tissue papers and gluing them on a poster board to form the shape of single or several pumpkins. One by one, let the kids poke a hole in the tissue paper to discover the hidden objects.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This game entails hiding several different items throughout the home and asking the kids to locate them. The winning kid gets extra candy or any other good treat.

Best Halloween Games for Adults

Trick or Treat


Put several trays on the table full of cups; some of these cups hold pure juice while others have their juice spiked with alcohol. Let each guest pick a cup randomly and drink. You can as well do it with pudding shots or jello shots.

Murder Mystery

Come up with a murder plot (you can get one in any murder play or novel you know) and set the environment appropriately complete with right consumes. You can also buy a murder mystery kit from the internet and base your plot on it. Ensure that the number of your guests matches the number of characters in your game.

How Do You Store Your Placenta

Mother holding her newborn baby child after labor in a hospital. Mother giving birth to a baby boy. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.

The placenta is a vital player in the generation of new life. This organ is created by your body to provide your fetus with nutrients and oxygen while in the womb. Each placenta is as unique and as individual as the baby itself. After the placenta is done with its roles, some of the moms are not yet done with it.

Some moms want to keep the placenta for birth commemoration while others want to eat it to stave off the after-effects of birth. Here is a look at how to store your placenta.

Store in A Water Tight Container

Pregnant woman

Before delivery, you should have a well-secured clean container and a water-tight food storage bag to place your placenta. Also, make sure to ask for a label to put on the bottle to avoid confusion during placenta banking. Upon cutting the umbilical, immediately put the placenta into the bag and then in the box.


You need to store your placenta in a fridge or a cool bag at temperatures lower than eight degrees within thirty minutes of its birth.When giving birth in a hospital, you should use a cool bag with about six frozen ice packs and keep it with you in the room that you will give birth.


Place the container with the placenta and the ice packs in the cold bag. Make sure not to leave the bag unattended or anywhere that t may get lost. Wrapping the carrier bag around the placenta box and icepacks helps to keep them in close contact.


If you want to keep your placenta, ensure that your family and delivery team are aware of your birth plan. In case you are giving birth at home, you can store your placenta in the fridge. Put it in a sealed container and put it at the lowest shelf.

What Qualifies A Home As An Estate

What Qualifies A Home As An Estate

The word estate refers to an extensive area of land owned by a person, family or organization. The ownership of an estate brings about some differences in the actual meaning of an estate. Today, we are going to talk about the elements that qualify a home as an estate.

You have probably heard or come across people referring to their homes as estates.

Or when someone passes on, people may talk about the estate he/she left behind. A housing estate is a group of homes and other buildings that are built as a single development.

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In most estates, the houses are built by a single contractor in which the buildings share the same design. Therefore you can expect some uniformity. You can confirm this by looking at any real estate in scottsdale az.

For a home to be declared as an estate there must be several buildings built and owned by a family or person. In most cases, homes that qualify as an estate are occupied by people related by blood.

The houses don’t have to be built at the same time.

Another element that qualifies a home as an estate is the presence of different amenities within the grounds. This could be a swimming pool, football or basketball pitch. It means that for a home to be referred to as an estate, the piece of land in which the property is in must be fairly large. This is the only way it can fit the different amenities.


Also, for a home to qualify as an estate, it must have some form of home improvements. This could be a parking lot, pathways and driveways. It can be gated or not gated. That depends on the preference of the owners. The property should also be financially and legally owned by the said individual. A home that is referred to as an estate can be owned by a private company, a public one or a family.

Modern Outdoor Furniture


You should try your level best to have your outdoor setting as welcoming as the inside of your house. It is always happy inviting your guest to a beautiful outdoor environment where you can sit around and socialize and have fun with some comfortable modern furniture and a glass of ice tea or margarita.

cane line furniture believes in making outdoor furniture that are functional and beautiful to the best level possible. They have modern outdoor furniture that has a modern deco that is built to stand the adverse weather of wind, sun, and rain. The design if modern outdoor furniture takes care of a cue from dinning and indoor living furniture.


Modern outdoor setting includes the outdoor sectionals and sofas, chaises and outdoor chairs, benches and ottomans. When it comes to modern outdoor furniture, every lounge piece is made from high performance materials. The sofas are made from durable marine-grade plywood material to resist warping, water, and cranking for extended durability.

Outdoor cushions are made from quality foam to take on the elements and provide maximum comfort at the same time.

Modern outdoor dining tables and chairs are made from a mix of durable materials like steel and wood that hold up better than other materials. Modern furniture offers best dining chairs, tables, stools, benches, tables as well as bar tables and counter tables


Investing in modern outdoor furniture will have your patio, deck, and balcony looking modern and fresh. You can also add outdoor umbrellas easily. This furniture is resistant to fade and mildew. The easy to use umbrellas can stand on their-own, or you can place them on the table. The other interesting thing about modern furniture is the fade resistant outdoor rugs and pillows.Don’t wait; give your outdoor a beautiful look with modern outdoor furniture.