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Country singer Walker Hayes responds to Gulfarium TikTok video featuring song ‘nice Like’

Country singer Walker Hayes responds to Gulfarium TikTok video featuring song ‘nice Like’

Once the animal administration director at Gulfarium aquatic Adventure Park spotted a-dance pattern spreading on TikTok featuring country singer Walker Hayes track aˆ?Fancy Like,aˆ? he decided to participate – together with his very own twist upon it, without a doubt. Martin (aka ) submitted videos dance toward words on the track with a tuned sea-lion called Ada on Sunday.

aˆ?I favor the Gulfarium, and I like cooperating with the pets,aˆ? Martin mentioned. aˆ?We create dancing portions, and also the sea lion reveal demonstration that individuals posses try an educational demonstration, but we showcase anyone how sea lions push. It gives happiness to prospects. aˆ?

Within six many hours of posting it, Hayes with his parents posted a response videos to Martin’s video clip by himself TikTok. Since then, the first video clip has received significantly more than 5 million performs, and impulse videos has received more than 1 million performs.

aˆ?You’re always looking something that just screams your summer jam, and it just has actually that sense,aˆ? the guy mentioned. aˆ?It talks about only dating and lifetime being kinda – you’re Applebee’s – and it’s really the simple products in life being significant.aˆ?

aˆ?i must say i desire individuals understand that it is the little things which happen to be vital while you shouldn’t usually have to possess awesome crazy fancy material to possess a delightful life,aˆ? the guy mentioned. aˆ?Its a fun track, nonetheless it spoke if you ask me from that viewpoint, too, which a lot of people lack that point of view. They introduced me personally plenty of delight.aˆ?

They can be very smart and they are just thus great to utilize and also as ambassadors with regards to their varieties

Ada made several shows on Martins TikTok. The guy educated the person sea lion the dancing moves in just five full minutes, he said.

They amazingly suit along

aˆ?Something which is really, really important to me is for everyone else to understand that creating a-sea lion, who is surprisingly educated, despite the reality I’m usually the one for the videos, it is a group men and women and effort and dedication over years and years and many years to have a pet feel from the stage that shes at,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?She’s wonderful.aˆ?

aˆ?People is able to see simply how much we love and care for the animals and therefore are creative with what we carry out,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?Our primary goal would be to simply take proper care of those after which be able to inform someone whenever they come through. This only truly placed Gulfarium out there for the wonderful location it is for any animals and for everyone people that actually work truth be told there.aˆ?

aˆ?He has their entire parents jump into his TikToks and do the dance, and you will only observe that it really is a tight-knit thing; he’s a family group guy and they are all engaging. Absolutely simply most pleasure with that track, and thus so many people are simply sharing it and enjoying it. It really can make people happy. I think that is actually just what industry requires right now.aˆ?

“I viewed this video for this sea lion dance to aˆ?Fancy Like,” Stevens said. “The delight of it might plenty enjoyable. When youre a songwriter, if you are instead of phase executing your own songs, until you head to a concert your dont will undertaking or feeling exactly what the feeling of it is or how it affects group. TikTok, Instagram and social media marketing currently very important in dispersing plenty joy. Everyone knows social media can wreck men, however with this specific track, it’s been very exciting to see.aˆ?

aˆ?The method now that TikTok and Instagram need permitted all of us doing reels to sounds and merely really have enjoyable with life is hooking up folks in ways,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?we never ever felt that i’d become a chance to connect with them, not to mention let them thank me personally and get back and perform videos that way. Its amazing popularity. Folks was anybody to wind up connecting with.aˆ?