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Hello, everyone! I came across this site. First of all, to know about Trust Egg, I thank them for their simple and informative content. I am a college student and want the best for my future. I am planning to start investing $2000 in Mutual Funds. Please warn me if the Trust Egg is not a good fund manager. In this state, I don’t know if there are reputed MF distributors or IFA. I just want to start with regular plans for now so that I can get guidance also on the fund performance on a timely basis. Please help me in this regard. Thank you in advance! I will keep coming back to this post to know your answers.

Hi, Georgia! Based on your requirement and risk appetite, Trust Egg seems to be a clear bet. It’s best if you consult a financial adviser before taking any investment decision. For your information, Trust Egg has an expert who will help you all the way.

Hello Georgia! If you are interested to start an investment, then you are at the right place. Trust Egg has a diversified equity fund. It will give you a good return in the future and experience as well. For more details and suggestions, please feel free to contact them. I am a long time investor at Trust Egg and I am completely satisfied with their honesty, transparency, and services.