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I might love to figure out where it actually was produced, whenever by whom

I might love to figure out where it actually was produced, whenever by whom

i recently had gotten a vintage bohemian garnet ring-in vermeil, with a GAJ behind. I wonder for those who have an idea on who that is?

I’ve a brooch of a department with birthstones that claims into the back. Really does anybody know any single thing about this?

We have a costume outfit pin in silver, formed like a calla lily marked throughout the straight back is actually Katalis. Any details might possibly be appreciated!

My personal grandfather had been Gregory Ramallo

We have a circular brooch with complimentary clip-on earrings all designated AUSTRIA. Large stones (just over 1/4aˆ? across) in brown, gold and environmentally friendly not considering they have been genuine stones) in a gold coloured style. I gotten from grandma approx. 50 yrs in the past and so they seemed outdated after that. Any concept of the worth?

Recently I ordered a large home of classic to 1970s fashion designer jewelry from a aˆ? clean outaˆ? dealer from UNITED KINGDOM. Within this whole lot is actually a very clear Quartz crystal and 18K sculpture/ pendant with Emerald attention. The sole markings ive found are 18k and A aˆ?Jaˆ? forwards and another.backwards. I’ve found the same object internet based on Pinterest. The article.says the pendant is a Cartier from 1960s as well as the Hancocks auctionhouse in London. The webpage from Handcocks features ended and i cannot find the author.or almost every other details. Might you kindly help me to to locate any suggestions at all to validate uts authenticity? I’d feel a lot of grateful! Thank you plenty!

You will find an old gold wedding ring that has H.JLY. CO 18bKT. All I can find will be the bKT rank dates back to 1915. 18 and 14 karat silver were ranked in bKT in the early 1900s. Can anybody give myself an idea who produced this band? Im assuming JLY.CO represents accessories team but what really does the H stand for?

I’ve a 1920s or earlier woman’s check out ,with the facial skin term ,lady Rodney ,the merely thing I am able to pick is a battle ship known as girl Rodney ,after this lady . Do anyone know any single thing about any of it watch its gold filled with many more silver onds . Swiss produced 17 jewel . Tia

It seems as an extremely well-made bit. I cannot pick any hallp on a single of this jade components appears to be J.M.G.M 1188525. My look so far as resulted in no clues.

You will find a pair of 1960’s 18kt silver and diamond stud earrings with all the characteristic FJ on it. Any information on just who made all of them??

The carousel appeal comprise thus fascinating and that I just cannot recall the designer aˆ“ another Yorker…wish I’d bought one but i did so see a silver Ruser cherub. Developed forever desire to have gold appeal…much to towards dismay of my personal husbands!

I review that Calvin K Clauer got a jeweler that had a store in southern area fold, Indiana 103 Michigan Street in the early 1900’s.

Anyone familiar with a jewelry manufacturer called Foduil or Roduil? You will find earrings stamped thereupon kind of label about backs of both but have no clue just who it is. In addition,anyone understand what making an aˆ?N’ with like somewhat Q shaped shape that resembles a scarf around they mean? That’s furthermore on some earrings of my own as well. Any resources really pleasant. Thanks A Lot!

We have precious jewelry stamped GARDA 925 stamped in the as well as i can not discover things for the reason that identity. Be sure to help! It really is a mystic topaz cross-shaped medallion with earrings.

We worked Christmas time at Granat Brothers in bay area once I was actually a teen…sure helped me like gold jewellery!

I have two pieces of precious jewelry that have been purchased by themselves, each noticeable aˆ?CHOLIaˆ? or aˆ?

I am doing a project for my personal mother about him, but I am not saying finding many. I question if any individual possess some ideas?

Really does any individual recall residence of Neuwirth HOLLYWOOD? It had been a really famous jewelry store into performers between 1940-1960. Unclear of this end big date.