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What Is The Most Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

What Is The Most Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

Many people in the world today struggle living with contacts and eyeglasses, in case you are one of the laser eye surgery is the best option for you.

However, identifying the best procedure is the best; hence this article will take you through the most advanced options for you to be able to choose which one is good for you. There are three most advanced laser eye surgery options.


It is viewed to be the first cohort of laser correction, and this option treats astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness during this process, the cornea is peeled off with a physical device. Your specialist then uses an excimer laser to shape the fundamental tissue and accurate your vision.


This method favors patients with irregular and thin corneas, patients whose specializations centers around taking direct contacts to the eyes e.g., the boxers. PKK has its shortcomings e.g., long recovery periods amongst the three laser eye correction methods and also involves irritation and discomfort.

Lasik/ prk

Lasik treats moderate astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. During the surgery process, there is a slight flap in the corneal tissue, and then it is bent back, an excimer laser is used for reshaping cornea tissue for efficient vision correction.

This method favors patients with adequate thick cornea.

LASIK is a safe, effective, and trusted procedure except for flap related complications, which are naturally rare. diamond vision new york are known professionals in this method.

Smile/Relex laser eye surgery.


This procedure involves no flap creation, instead of your surgeon femtosecond laser and creates a small opening, then a thin layer of tissue in the cornea is detached using the same laser then the specialist eliminates the thin layer of the tissue through a small cut and the procedure is done. Its advantages include its odorless, blade-free and quiet, no connected flap problems


In all health concerns first, you consult your surgeon for a comprehensive eye exam; thus, through the assistance of your surgeon, you will be able to identify which method is best for you.