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What Are Some Fun Halloween Games


It is that time of the year again, and you want kids and adults to have as much fun as possible. What are the fun games you would set up? Here are the top 5 options:

Best Halloween games for kids

If you’re inclined to thrilling your kids, these could be the best party ideas for halloween

Halloween Eyeball Slime



Create your slime mix consisting of some of the non-toxic slippery stuff in your home, such as Okra vegetables, and put them in a bowl. Add two googly eyes and let your kids muck around with it. You can opt for commercial slime as well but always think outside the box.


This mystery game entails filling plastic cups with small trinkets, covering them with orange tissue papers and gluing them on a poster board to form the shape of single or several pumpkins. One by one, let the kids poke a hole in the tissue paper to discover the hidden objects.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This game entails hiding several different items throughout the home and asking the kids to locate them. The winning kid gets extra candy or any other good treat.

Best Halloween Games for Adults

Trick or Treat


Put several trays on the table full of cups; some of these cups hold pure juice while others have their juice spiked with alcohol. Let each guest pick a cup randomly and drink. You can as well do it with pudding shots or jello shots.

Murder Mystery

Come up with a murder plot (you can get one in any murder play or novel you know) and set the environment appropriately complete with right consumes. You can also buy a murder mystery kit from the internet and base your plot on it. Ensure that the number of your guests matches the number of characters in your game.