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What is the Standard Size of a Crib Mattress?

When we think about the baby’s nursery, all that comes in mind or we envision is how to color the walls, design a stylish crib, and include a rocking chair or glider in it. Although the term Crib makes a big statement in the overall makeup of the room, we should not forget that the mattress is going to be the only place the baby is going to spend most of their time while in the nursery. This means that the bed has a significant impact on the comfortability and safety of the baby. Here are some pointers on the suitable Standard Size of a Crib mattress that yiu should consider.

  1. Standard baby Crib and Crib mattress size

The government decides the safest baby Crib sizes, as well as the mattress size. Information coming from the Consumer Products Safety Commission requires that a baby nursery should have a mattress of width and length of 27 and 51 inches, respectively. The maximum thickness of this mattress should be 6 inches.

  1. Features to look for in a suitable mattress size
  2. It has to fit well in the crib- A Crib mattress has to fit either very or moderately snug in the crib. The Size of the bed should have a lot of space. A small mattress in a Crib is not a good idea because it serves as suffocation and an entrapment hazard for the little ones.
  3. It has to be firm- A Standard Crib mattress Size should give one a firm mattress. When the bed is soft or has a smooth surface, it poses a suffocation threat and increases the risk of the baby suffering from sudden infant death syndrome. Exert pressure at the center and edges of the mattress to test for firmness. A firm mattress should snap back immediately you release the stress.

In summary, the government gives the suitable Size of a Crib mattress, so it is not difficult to find one even to the shops around your area. However, you will have to consider other factors such as firmness and breathability for the safety of your little one. With the above little knowledge, you can find a functional Crib mattress in the right size. Click here for top Crib mattresses go to My Sleep Bot