A Little Goes a Long Way

One new mom started making her own coffee in the
morning instead of buying it on her way to work, saving
$1,500 over the course of a year.

Introducing TrustEgg

Save for your child's future with TrustEgg. We help you, family, and friends contribute to a protected account for your child. It's easy, free to sign up, and will provide your child with money when they will need it most.
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Imagine The Savings

Money saved for your child based on contributing $100/mo. for 16 years. Estimated 6% compound growth.
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How It Works


Add Your Child

Open a TrustEgg account online within minutes.
Add your child’s information.

Add Money

Contribute as little as one dollar. No minimums to open the account!

Invite Others

Send an invite to family and friends to contribute. Simply log-in to TrustEgg to do so.

Watch It Grow

Watch the money grow as TrustEgg does the rest.
Safe, secure and protected.

Simple and flexible

1. Get setup in minutes
No lengthy paperwork to worry about!

2. Earns market rate of return
Your child’s TrustEgg account will be invested in a mutual fund.

3. Provides flexibility
Your child can use the money for college, a car or anything they need when they turn 18!

The Security of a trust.

Safe, secure and protected! Your child’s money will be placed in a custodial account with the money held in your child’s name, and will be protected until they turn 18. It’s protected from actions against the parent including any lawsuits or bankruptcy filings.

Let others share and give.

Upcoming child’s birthday or holiday?
Don’t want more toys for gifts? Open a TrustEgg account and invite family and friends to contribute hassle free!

Are you a grandparent, aunt or uncle?
Send the child’s parent an invite to sign-up for TrustEgg, so you can contribute!

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